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What Our Customers Say

In order to monitor our performance, we have started sending feedback questionnaires to our customers on completion of the tools.
Listed below is some of the feedback we have recieved from our customers.
General Coments
"I have become accustomed to late deliveries, brush-offs and excuses, but your company has gone a long way to restore my faith in the British Tool Making Industry. Right from the start, the speed with which you return quotes helps to reduce the bottlenecks that so often occurred due to previous toolmakers' delays in replying. Also your response and turnaround on the post-build modifications due to my own oversight helped us to keep the project on time and therefore our customers happy." - S.G., Devon
Speed and Delivery
"Fast turn around has enabled [my company] to win orders it might otherwise have lost." - R.J., Lancashire

"Excellent - as promised, much appreciated." - R.J., Lancashire
"Excellent. Quality at the right price." - S.H., West Midlands

"Two injection moulders have commented on the very good quality of first time tooling." - R.J., Lancashire

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