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Injection Moulding Tools

Injection Moulding Tools
You can either provide your component design (CAD file) or we will help you with product design from concept to final part, using all the latest advances in mould tool design, such as,
• Twin shot mould
• Over moulds
• Unscrewing tools
• Hot runner systems
• Hydraulic cores
We manufacture high precision fully hardened production mould tools up to 2.5 tons in weight.
Production Moulds
We build rapid prototype moulds according
to your specification. We specialise in materials such as, QC7 or AL 2000, when it then comes to mainstream production we can help you identify the most appropriate materials for satisfactory production processes and usage needs which are cost effective solutions for producing prototype moulded parts.
Sample Mouldings
Pre-production samples can be provided if required, thereby proving tools before going into production without causing inconvenience.
Sample Mouldings
Our policy is continuous aggressive pursuit of execellence in quality, and a commitment to total customer satisfaction. This is demonstrated by our attainment of ISO 9001/2000.
Twin Shot Moulds: Where to give a mixed finish/colour, the finish/colour has to come from a single tool.

Over Moulds: Where to give a mixed finish, each finish will come from a different tool.

Unscrewing Tools: Where threads need to be added to the product as part of the finishing process.

Hot Runner Systems: Which handle multi-impression work or very large parts that require several feed gates.

Hydraulic Cores: Which enable the retrieving of components where space is limited.
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